COVID-19 UPDATE -3/27/2020
Our top priority is to protect the health and saftey of YOU our valued clients and our associates. In order to offer the most protection – we ask the house be VACANT when photographer arrives, all lights be TURNED ON, all ceiling fans be TURNED OFF, all interior room doors be left open, door knobs to main entrance be sanitized. If anyone in the home is sick or has been in contact with someone who is sick we be notified immediately. We in turn will do the same to ensure your protection. We are not offering any staging services at this time (we will NOT move/touch any of the items in the home like we normally do). We encourage our sellers/ agents to prepare/stage the home meticulously before the photographers arrival including removing all toiletries from showers/ bathroom counters and items from kitchen counters, reduce clutter and clean the house thoroughly. Thank you and stay safe.

In some cases a Photographer may call you to ask if shoot can be moved to a better time slot for geographical, logistical or weather reasons. Please contact us if your required date & time (or weekend day) is not available and our Photographers will see if they can accommodate  – additional charges may apply.