I hereby authorize Liza Sue Productions, LLC and it’s associates and independent contractors, photographers and agents, hereafter referred to as the “Company”, to publish and use for any marketing purposes the photographs taken of the property. I assume all liability in regards to this photoshoot and photos from the shoot, and agree that I have express written permission from the owner to have these photos taken and that the owner has allowed me to give the Company permission to publish these photos and use them for marketing. I have read and understand what’s included in my package and that I am responsible for paying additional fees for any revisits, travel fees outside of the service area, Photoshop fees, additional time photographer spends at property beyond package time allotment, and any other special requests or services not included in my package. Before the photographer arrives, I will have, or ensure my sellers will have, prepared the property to my standards including: decluttering, have all lights turned on, ceiling fans turned off, toilet seats down, any showers to be photographed will have all items removed including soap and loofas, and counters will be cleared of all items including tooth brushes, curtains/blinds open and vehicles out of the driveway with garage closed. I understand that unprepared homes will be charged an additional $1.50/minute cleaning, staging & consulting fee (beyond the allotted time in the package). I understand that a minimum $50 cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellations that happen within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot. I agree that I will pay for time overages and give the photographer the right to extend shoot beyond the allotted time for the package, if the photographer feels the property is not in the proper condition upon arrival. I understand that my digital photos will not be emailed until my final balance is paid-in-full. All prices are subject to change without notification.